The Drum Country New York region encompasses Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence counties in north-central New York State. We are a multi-sector economic and workforce development partnership created to help prospective Drum Country employers access the resources and incentives needed to make our location their best asset.


Our team of seasoned professionals works closely with local economic and workforce development organizations and the regional business community. We ensure organizations considering Drum Country New York can make informed, strategic decisions in the following areas of interest:






Comprised of three county-wide economic development agencies, a regional utility, a regional state authority, and a liaison organization between the communities and Fort Drum, we support entrepreneurs and established corporations alike in making Drum Country their home.


We know bringing your business to Drum Country is a smart choice and we are here to show you how our region’s strengths and potential can be the advantage your business needs to thrive in a competitive market. So what does Drum Country offer that allows it to stand out from other locations?

Major Market Access Equals Major Business Benefits

Drum Country’s close proximity and connectivity to major markets in the Northeastern and Midwestern United States and Canada mean cheaper transportation costs and faster time-to-market. Within a 500-mile radius of Drum Country, you’ll find a population of 75,050,238 consumers and 75 percent of Canada’s manufacturing capacity. Also, a robust transportation network enables manufacturers to quickly and easily receive raw materials and transport finished products to consumers. Products can easily be transported through the Port of Ogdensburg, or one of the many airports, railways, and waterways accessible in Drum Country. This access is a catalyst for economic development.

The Fort Factor

Fort Drum, the largest United States Army base in the northeast, is the heart of Drum Country’s culture and economy. Located in Watertown, NY, Fort Drum employs more than 6,058 area residents and generates $1.88 billion in annual economic impact. Soldiers and their families stationed at Fort Drum and living in its surrounding communities are a driving force for regional economic growth and development. Here in Drum Country New York, we say, “You see a soldier—we see a workforce.”

29% of retiring soldiers and their spouses stay in Drum Country


Drum Country’s growing, well-trained workforce fuels business development at a competitive cost. The average hourly wage is 17% lower than the national average across all occupations. And up to 31% lower than the national average for key manufacturing occupations.

Much of the workforce is fueled by Fort Drum soldiers, both active duty and retired, and their families. 29% of retiring soldiers and their spouses continue residing in Drum Country after retirement. Therefore, contributing to steady population growth.

These are only a few of the factors making Drum Country New York an ideal location for growing businesses. Contact us and we’ll work closely with you to make sure your business’ relocation or expansion to Drum Country is the start of a new chapter of growth and prosperity.

To best meet the workforce needs of local employers, the St. Lawrence One-Stop Career Center organizes local and state job training programs into an easy-to-use, interactive network. The St. Lawrence One-Stop Career Center leverages the combined programs and services of a number of workforce development agencies.

Drum Country employers can access recruitment, retention, and training resources and assistance through the Center.

More information on the St. Lawrence One-Stop Career Center can be found by visiting

  • Companies may be eligible to receive wage reimbursements of up to 50%. This helps to offset the costs of training new employees when hired through one of Drum Country’s On-the-Job Training programs.
  • The duration of the On-the-Job Training program will be limited to the period of time required for the trainee to become proficient and may not exceed 26 weeks.
  • Drum Country staff will screen job applicants for On-the-Job Training eligibility and will calculate wage savings and associated tax credits available to your business.
  • Companies may be able to receive wage reimbursements of up to 50% when training existing employees for new, upgraded positions within the organization.
  • This training will reduce the costs associated with the introduction of new technologies, new production or service procedures. As well as providing additional work skills or improved workplace literacy for employees who are being trained for new, higher-paying positions in the company.
  • Drum Country may also pay for up to 50% of the cost of training provided to these employees by outside agencies, private vendors or educational institutions.
  • Drum Country will help you design and pay for training that will improve your existing workforce’s productivity and skill level.
  • Training may be provided in-house or by outside contracted training agencies.
  • St. Lawrence Industrial Development Agency can pay 50% of the cost of training; your business provides matching funds of 50%.

The statewide system of Boards of Cooperative Education Services (BOCES) functions as an intermediate arm of the New York State Education Department. Part of the role of BOCES is to maintain adult learning centers and to provide vocational and occupational training through these centers. St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES and Jefferson-Lewis BOCES training centers offer training in a broad range of skilled-labor and emerging technology fields at numerous sites across Drum Country.